In early 1952, William Schlegel, the Civil Defense Council Chairman for East Brunswick Township, set out on a mission to form a fire company that would help protect the west side of what was a rapidly growing East Brunswick community. Mr. Schlegel, who lived on Riva Avenue near Church Lane, saw the rural landscape changing as residential streets and houses quickly began to replace the many acres of farmland in the area.

At the time there were several fire companies that helped protect the area, all from a distance. They included East Brunswick Engine Co. # 1 (East Brunswick Independent Fire Company), Old Bridge Volunteer Fire Company (East Brunswick Fire District # 1), North Brunswick Maple Meade Fire Co. (North Brunswick Company # 2), Monmouth Junction Fire Company and the Milltown Fire Department.

The lack of a nearby fire station became a concern to the increasing number of residents that were making their home on this side of town. Seeking to find a solution to the growing concerns of the local homeowners, William Schlegel began to canvass the Patrick's Corner section of East Brunswick looking for volunteers.

Finally, on July 1st, 1952, Mr. Schlegel brought together seven brave young men, and as one, they decided it was time to form a fire company to protect the west side of the township. On that day, Harold Hibbits Sr., Thomas Keen, Erwing Lukacs, Harry Kuell, William Erdman, Emil Gschwend Sr., and William Schlegel sat down and determined what they would need in order to move along in the creation of a new fire company. They had the firefighters, but they still needed a fire engine, a firehouse, and of course a name for the company. It was soon after that meeting that the men decided on a name - the Brookview Volunteer Fire Company.

The next piece of business was to find a fire engine. On September 20th, 1952, the fire company purchased a 1937 Diamond-T, a truck that had previously been used by East Brunswick Engine Co. # 1. The aquisition of the truck, which cost $2,500, now meant Brookview had the ability to begin answering the local residents' calls for help.

The first call for our services came on October 16th, 1952, when the fire company was needed to respond to a brush fire at the end of Albrecht Lane. The firefighters made quick work of that fire, and from that day on, we have not looked back...